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Keyword recharge for Pinterest

At first, you have to open an account on Pinterest, or if you have an account before that’s great! Keyword recharge for Pinterest is important for a better rank on it. It helps you to grow your business faster. It also helps you to rank it on the first page.

The main way for the keyword recharge is the Pinterest search bar. Go to at the top of your screen on Pinterest, then click on the search icon. And from there you can type in whatever niche that you are looking for. Pinterest will auto-fill with suggested keyword combinations in a drop-down menu pretty similar to the Google search bar. You can select some keywords from them.

Pinterest search bae

On the search result page, Pinterest will give you three different types of results.

  • The first way is with additional keyword bubbles underneath the search bar. You can use these additional keywords as suggestions for combinations to put with the term that you searched.


  • The second type of search result you’ll get is just a screen of pins. And then the third result would be an explore tab and a shop tab.


  • The third way is the Pinterest trends tool. Pinterest rolled out their trends tool, and they’re still building it out, but it’s become more and more robust. You can use a Pinterest trends tool to see how a keyword has performed over time. And you can compare keywords to one another. When you type a keyword into Pinterest trends, it will suggest other keywords that are relevant to that main keyword.

You can use this to gain insight into other keywords to use on your pins or to use on subsequent pins that go to the same destination. But here’s something to keep in mind that the numbers on the graph are comparative, so that means that the peak performance is the peak performance compared to the performance of that own term and compared to any other terms in the graph.

So it might be a little difficult for you to get a handle on how many people actually are searching for that term per month. It could be five, or it could be 4 million. So how do you get insights into those numbers?


That’s where Pinterest ads come in. Now to use the Pinterest ads tool. Click the ads option in the menu at the top of your Pinterest account. Then click continue to go to the second screen and from there you can choose the keywords. This will give you a ballpark volume of how many searches are being done for that keyword per month and on the upper right-hand side of the screen, you can see the audience size that is searching that term. This keyword research that you’ve done.

Pinterest ads

Now, you’re gonna use those to create engaging titles for your pins and engaging descriptions. Now here’s one thing to remember, when we’re using KeyWords,


We’re using those to communicate with the machine of Pinterest. But we also have to write for the human, so you need to use emotional words, power words, and things like that to help engage them, get their attention and help them understand what this pin really is about. In the description, you have up to 500 characters to describe to users and Pinterest what to expect from this pin. At the Pinterest creator festival, “Pinterest said that they prefer that your description be one to two sentences”.

optimization title & board

So you’re gonna need to be creative and succinct in how you communicate what your pin is about.


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