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Useful Free Top-10 WordPress Plugins-2021

We’re going to introduce you to the best top 10 WordPress plugins that you should recommend to use for better experience,  feature & ability. If you’re thinking about building a website or if you’re already in the process of building one. We definitely recommend checking out the other blogs on my site. If you follow our steps you will able to make a good affiliate or blog site.

1. Wp-forms plugin.

We potentially use wp forms more than any other plugin on this list simply because you always need some sort of a call to action or contact form or email enrollment form somewhere on your website. This is a very simple and easy-to-use plugin yet still very useful with the number of capabilities that it has.

You can put together some kind of intricate contact form for your business website. In the contact section to gather insight on what type of work you’re going to be doing for them you could insert a weekly newsletter email enrollment into the footer of your Website using a name and email field to build your email marketing list. Or you could have them fill out a simple questionnaire including their number. So you can get in contact with them later.

All you have to do is choose your simple contact form template or make a blank form and then add fields by dragging and dropping them into place. You can specify what type of characters you want to be entered into a field like numbers or letters and you can also label those fields as well. After that, you can go ahead and mess around with the settings a little bit and you can change where the emails go when clients contact you. Finally, you can insert that form into your website and completely customize how it looks by using your page builder.

WP Form


2. Pretty Link plugin. (For affiliate links)

Now, the Pretty Link is a fantastic plugin that helps with the SEO of your website but it can also provide more readability and cleanliness to your site as well using the plugin you are able to customize or rather cloak your page’s URL with another cleaner one.

For instance, your URL might look like something like with a whole bunch of letters and numbers behind it as well. But you can change it to look like something a little bit cleaner like  And that way your link looks a lot more clean and easy to understand. In the same way, we usually end up using this plugin for affiliate links and managing many links. At the same time making it easier to keep track of all of them.

Prettier you can also include keywords into your page’s URLs to improve your site’s SEO.

Pretty Link


3. Grow Social plugin. (Share content in one click) 


This is a social sharing button plugin. Which is more important for those of you who are running a blogging website. When you’re constantly giving people other information. That they might want to share but it’s also important for those of you running E-Commerce websites. If you’re giving out products that people might want to share with their friends on social media.

This plugin allows you to insert buttons that will share the post or product to social media in a clean and professional way. 

Grow Social


4. Facebook Chat plugin. (For live chat)

This allows you to integrate your Facebook messenger app onto your website so you can live chat with anybody who clicks on the icon. This way you can create your own Facebook business account and easily message your clients live from your smartphone or computer at any time and if you get tired of constantly messaging clients you can always hire someone to manage that Facebook page for you.

This feature is really unique because people always like fast responses and also talking to a real person. So providing them with that opportunity to communicate directly with you is invaluable. If you’re a small-time freelancer offering your services you can answer questions and negotiate prices quickly and you don’t even have to be at your computer to do it after using the plugin

Facebook Chat


5. Ice-Gram plugin. (Sing up form)

Have you ever been on a website that you were about to click the exit button but then a pop-up display is over the website saying something like before you go –  do you want to sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay up to date on and then. Whatever well you’re able to do that with your website by using this Icegram plugin.

You can choose from tons and tons of different templates for header banners or call-to-action pop-ups to insert into your website and then you can further customize them after selecting one. you can display a banner across the top of your website mentioning a store-wide 30 discount for some kind of a holiday sale or you could offer an email subscription to your weekly newsletter for your blog.



6. WordFence plugin. ( For protecting malware and hackers )

Now talk about the security of your website widely known that securing your website from malware and hackers is absolutely essential or at least we hope so. But in any case, definitely need to take steps towards protecting your website from intrusion, and for this, we definitely recommend this plugin. This plugin will fortify your website with firewalls and malware scans and it also includes things like blocking live traffic login security and much more.



7.  Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin. ( For google analytics)

 If there’s the golden rule in website management it would be paying attention to your metrics we cannot stress that enough or how important it is to actually pay attention to the traffic that comes into. Your site and also where it’s coming from it’s absolutely crucial. Now that being said if you already check up on your metrics you’re most likely using google analytics because it’s free and incredibly easy to use just go to and you can hook it up to your website what this plugin. Allows you to do is take a summary report of your analytics and post them on your actual WordPress dashboard. So, that you’re constantly up to date on what’s going on with your website in addition.

Google Analytics Dashboard


8. Woocommerce plugin. (e-commerce store)

Now we’re going to talk to you about is probably the largest and most powerful of all the plugins on this list. The amount of capabilities customization and power it gives you is just incredible.

If you’re looking to make money online by selling products either via drop shipping or managing your own product but you don’t want to pay for a Shopify subscription or something of that nature. Then all you have to do is build a free website and download Woocommerce. Which is an extension to that website that comes with tons and tons of pre-made templates for online stores.

After selecting a template from the many different choices that you have you can go in and edit each individual page using a page builder like Elementor and completely customize your site. 

and we’ve got lots of tutorials on the

Now using this plugin you’ll be able to add products to your website set up a checkout process set up different payment methods and shipping methods you’ll be able to discount products and create coupons and much much more. This is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to build your E-Commerce store and business.



9. Cartflow plugin. (customizable sales funnel)

This is really a powerful addition that you can use to integrate with Woocommerce the previous plugin that we just talked about. Cartflows is a plug-in that works well with Elementor and Woocommerce to create customizable sales funnels for your business. Upon installing and activating Cartflows you have access to a very large repository of templates. Where you can customize your very own sales funnel by putting together a series of pages connected for a customizable checkout process.

When you download a template it inserts a series of pages that you can customize with a page builder like Elementor. Where you can create a landing page that leads to a checkout page that leads to a thank you page or an upsell page or whatever-related products that you want to show.

If you’re already interested in Woocommerce and you’re trying to sell products online we would definitely strongly recommend checking out Cartflows as well because it’s a very powerful tool in generating those leads and sales.



10. AMP (For first loading time on mobile)

AMP helps to loud your website in mobile faster. It’s just creat a version of the page which reduces some animation of your site. That’s why many people use AMP for their sites. A recharge shows that 70% of users use a mobile device. For this reason, AMP is so important.



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