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What should you need to do for getting free traffic for your new site?

If you want to get free traffic to your newly published site in 2021? Then you will follow these steps, you will need to work at least only 10 or 15 minutes a day for only 10 days consistently. And you will see the results on the first day. I know a lot of you will not even read the fill blog. Then after one month some of you will send me a message or start asking how can I get traffic to my website? Friend, I am telling you how to get 100% free traffic.

Please read the blog and apply it. It will take only 15 minutes a day. Rather than looking over into Facebook and squandering your time, fair apply this super basic and free strategy. It worked with me, it works with millions of individuals all over the world.


What is this method/site list of getting free traffic in 2021?

The method is so simple just duplicating and pasting your content from different websites all over the internet. On that websites, they are getting millions of unique guests each month. Super simple! Just simply duplicate and paste your content into your blog post on other websites for getting free traffic.

I will appear you presently the websites one by one, step by step, and clarify how this strategy will assist you to get a part of the activity. Thousands of new people/visitors/guests into your website.


   1. Linkedin

best way to get free traffic

Number one is Linkedin. I don’t here to tell you to go & paste your all links inside the feed. No! In Linkedin, if you have an account, perfect! if you don’t have one, go and sign up for free.  Nowadays Linkedin is one of the best social media or social networks that will help you to grow and get traffic. Inside of your account go and click on ‘write an article, not a post. Simply duplicate and paste the article into your Linkedin profile. It will take less than one minute to publish your article on Linkedin.

Where is the relation?

If you go to Linkedin, it gets around let’s see around 1 billion visits per month. In case somebody is looking on Linkedin for a subject, he may find your article. It contains a very high rank on google & high authority. You have to create internal links on it so that you can drive your traffic to your site.


   2. Quora

best site to get free traffic

Quora is simply a Q&A website. That you can ask and answer questions on. In Quora, you will go to your profile and then you can “create a space” on quora. Name it whatever you want and also a description. You also add an image whatever you want. And then you again simply duplicating and pasting your articles on quora.

Where is the relation?

If you go here to Quora, it gets around 500 million visits. In case somebody is looking on quora for a subject, he may find your post. Because it has a very high rank on google, high authority. If you create internal links you can get a backlink for your site.



best 6 site for getting free traffic

The Medium allows you to post your articles. You’ll compose your articles here and I said this before in affiliate marketing. If you don’t have an account go and create an account for free. Sign up and then click on ‘write a story’ and again duplicate and paste your article. 

Where is the relation?

If you go here to a similar web, it gets around 223 million monthly visits. If someone looking at medium, he may find your article. Again it has a very high rank on google, high authority. So your post may also rank on google. Which is still new and has no ranks on search engines.



best site for get unlimited free traffic

Simply inside the Mix, create an account then click on the plus icon and paste your article blog link.

Where is the relation?

Mix also gets around 1.4 million visits per month, which is also very good. Its traffic comes from the US. So it’s a good traffic source. Publish also all your links on



free organiic traffic hack

On Pinterest, people use the search feature a lot, not like Facebook and other social platforms. Here people use the search to discover new things they are interested in. At first click on ‘create’, after you sign up. If you don’t have an account and click on create a pin and simply enter the title and the URL of your blog. You also can write a small description if you want. And you need to create an image related to your post. I think the best way to create an image for Pinterest is to use

Where is the relation?

Pinterest has huge traffic all over the world. You can drive a lot of traffic from here mainly the US traffic.



best way to get free unlimited traffic organickly

I think it’s one of the best. It requires somehow some more work like four or five minutes. It allows you to create and publish small slides or small ebooks.  So what you are going to do here on this website is to upload a small version of your article. As an example go to & create a small version of your article like 2,3 or 5 pages simple download as pdf. Then go to and upload it.

Where is the relation?

Slideshare gets around 182 million views so it’s also one of the best websites to publish on and get traffic from. You can publish the pdf and link them back to your website.

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